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When viewing a page, you can prefix its full URL: just head to your browser's address bar, add "x90.es/" to the beginning of the current URL (right before its 'http://' part) and hit enter.

Example: x90.es/http://www.google.com


Browser Bookmarklet

x90.es comes with a handy bookmarklet for easier link shortening. It will generate a short URL for the page you are viewing.


Click and drag link to your toolbar (or right-click and bookmark it).

Android App

x90.es also has a handy Android application, available on the android market.

x90.es API

x90.es provides an easy to use API to search, generate or get existing short URLs, with sequential or custom keyword.


You need to send parameters to http://x90.es/api.php either via GET or POST.

The valid parameters are:

  • The requested action: "shorturl" (to get short URL for a link) or "expand" (to get long URL of a shorturl) or "search" (to list the x90 urls from a known IP address)

  • With action = "shorturl" :
    • the url to shorten
    • optional keyword for custom short URLs

  • With action = "expand" :
    • the shorturl to expand (can be either 'abc' or 'http://x90.es/abc')

  • With action = "search" :
    • the ip used to create the short links
    • the page number to list (10 results per page)

  • Optional output format: either "json", "xml" or "simple" (if omitted will default to simple raw text)

Usage examples

Get a shorturl for google.com:


Get a shorturl for google.com, specify a custom keyword:


Expand the long URL for the short URL http://x90.es/abc:


List all URLs created from IP address


The API response will be formatted in plain text by default. Just append &format=xml in any of the above examples to get the output XML formatted, or &format=json to get it in JSON format instead.

Link analytics

Just add the symbol + at the end of a short URL to see the link analytics. This feature can be used as a preview for the long URL.

Example: http://x90.es/abc+


Google Reader integration

You can send your google reader shared items to x90.es, it will show up in the "Send to:" menu at the bottom of each item.

To configure it, access your Google reader settings and in the "Send To" tab create the following configuration:

x90 google reader

This way you can short URLs for your news to share, or send them directly to twitter using x90.es shortened URL!